When this website was created this was the part I least looked forward to: the bio. It’s not easy writing about yourself. After all, I haven’t hiked to the North Pole, nor have I climbed Everest. I haven’t even been to Nepal! But what I have done is travel to lots of far off (and warmer!) places with my camera, stayed in my fair share of dodgy accommodation and photographed lots of really lovely couples.

So, as you will have already realised, I’m Ben – a photographer of all things weddingy. If I woke up on a desert island I’d go insane without my camera, good quality coffee and a decent pair of comfortable slippers. When I’m not travelling around shooting weddings and waves, I can mostly be found at home in Cornwall wearing the afore mentioned slippers on with a Tribute in one hand and my neurotic, ill-behaved King Charles Spaniel by my side.

That’s enough about me – how about you? I would love to hear from you – click here to get in touch!